Wanderlust Friday

Image by Amaia eta Gotzon via Flickr

Image by Amaia eta Gotzon via Flickr

We are headed to the Berkshires tomorrow to check out the Van Gogh exhibit at the Clark Art Institute and to get in some hiking.  We may even try to grab lunch at one of our favorite spots.  And here are some spots I am wandering to on the web...

Loved this piece, especially considering we just had our own bat-related rabies scare.

Great tips on finding cheap airfare.  I will definitely be checking out XL Airways the next time I am looking for a flight to Paris.

This family has the right idea when it comes to traveling.  I relied on their Paris tip sheet heavily when we were planning our trip.

Am editing my carry-on checklist to include all of these things

Bookmarking these for restaurant ideas in the future.