Santa Fe, Part IV

The highlight of the kids' trip was the river rafting trip we took on the Rio Grande.  The trip takes you through a section of the river with class I - class III rapids and is so much fun.  Ava was unsure of the whole idea until she rode her first rapid and then she was a convert.  Our guide was the nicest guy and was very good with the kids, especially Ava.  I think he sensed her nervousness and was always looking for ways to get her involved and increase her confidence.  

There are many rafting tour operators in the area but Santa Fe Rafting was the only one who could accommodate our last minute reservation.  They are also one of the only rafting companies still in Santa Fe proper so you park at their office and they transport you by van to the river, pointing out sites and providing interesting facts along the way.  

Unfortunately the waterproof disposable camera we purchased did not take very good photos so I don't have anything to share from our time on the river.  Our guide told us after the fact that the rafting company sold plastic cases that essentially make your standard digital camera waterproof so that is a note for next time!  The trip down the river included beautiful scenery, a chance to get out for a swim (the kids loved jumping in the water off the front of the raft), an otter sighting and an Anasazi petroglyph.  

At the end of the trip the guides provided snacks and lemonade.  Then it was a quick change out of our wet clothes and a sleepy ride back to our car.